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What is a trust?

A trust provides a flexible a way of managing assets (for example money, investments, land or buildings) for people. A trust enables a person to ring fence these assets and use them for the benefit of their loved ones; for example, to make provisions for Children and protect the family home from potential care home costs.

Trusts are usually setup on the death of the 'settler', but can also be initiated while the person is living. Trusts can include more than one beneficiary, like a whole family or nominated group of people.

The 'settler' decides how the assets in a trust should be used. This is usually set out in a document called the 'trust deed'.

Professional will writers can advise the best trusts to cover individual circumstances.

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Our trust writing service

Using our professional Trust Writing service provides peace of mind for you and your loved ones.

Why set up a trust?

A trust can help manage your assets in a way that benefits your loved ones the most. Some of the popular trusts that are set up include;

  • Right to Reside or Occupy

    Gives the occupant of the deceased the right to live in the property without ever owning it.

  • Protective Property Trust

    Gifts the deceased share and interest in property to the trustees. Ensures assets ultimately pass to children. Protects a share of the estate from care costs.

  • Disabled/Vulnerable Persons Trust

    Wills written to include a discretionary trust residue. Typically used to provide for disabled or vulnerable beneficiaries.

  • Flexible Life Interest Trust

    Beneficial for high net worth clients. Ensures the testator provides for his or her spouse providing income from the entirety of the residue of their estate.

  • Business Property Relief Trust

    Will for those with Business interests. Ensures maximum tax relief at death while ensuring beneficiaries receive income from the business.

What does it cost?

At East Coast Estate Planning, we have a fixed, transparent pricing policy. That means you know exactly what you'll need to pay - with no nasty surprises!

Single will

Right to Reside or Occupy - £350

Protective Property Trust - £350

Disabled/Vulnerable Persons Trust - £350

Flexible Life Interest Trust - £850

Business Property Relief Trust - £350

Mirror will

Right to reside or occupy - £450

Protective Property Trust - £450

Disabled/Vulnerable Persons Trust - £450

Flexible Life Interest Trust - £1300

Business Property Relief Trust - £450

What's the first step?

Contact us and arrange a home visit from East Coast Estate Planning. We'll use plain English and help you to understand how by using a trust you can protect yourself and your family. We enjoy professional but friendly relationships with our clients so that they feel comfortable discussing their wishes.

We cover the whole of the North Yorkshire coast from Bridlington, Filey, Scarborough and Whitby, across to Malton and Pickering and everywhere in-between.

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